Rick Valiant -           " Songs of Sinatra "  a tribute
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Things Change CD
New York, New York
Ain't It Amazing
Stranger's In The Night
Fly With Me To The Moon Arizona
The Way You Looked Tonite
My Way
Sea Of Love
I Think The World Of You ForOnce In My Life
Always On My Mind
I've Got You Under My Skin
Price: $15.00
VBC 1.0 Compilation CD
Bobbby Or -
The Dave Stanley Band
Ain't It Amazing -
Rick Valiant
That Canada Song -
Mark Grant
Any Other Way -
Roger Schmidt
Mean Ole World -
Robert Bertrand
Be Like Water -
I Am Solidus
Guitar King -
Robert Bertrand
Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Roger Schmidt
Is Now -
I Am Solidus
Lights Out -
The Dave Stanley Band
Arizona -
Rick Valiant
Price: $15.00
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Rick Valiant: Things Change
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