Rick Valiant -           " Songs of Sinatra "  a tribute
The Blue Morris Band, With Rick Valiant, Frank Sinatra tribute artistBlue Morris Band , with Rick valiant Frank Sinatra tribute artistLive at the Inlet Theatre, Rick Valiant 
Frank Sinaatra tribute artistThe three Franks, Las vegas
Rick valiant
Frank Sinatra tribute artistFrank, Ozzie, Las vegas
Rick valiant Frank Sinatra tribute artistFrank , Jack, Las vegasJack Joan, Frank Las VegasJack & Frank Las vegaslas vegas, Rick valiant Sinatra tribute artistFrank , Lady Gaga, JackFrank & Amy Rick valiantFrank & Liz rick valiantLas Vegas Tribute Artist Conventionlangley Seniors New Years EveCaba Radio, Teddy Smooth ShowCaba radio  rick valiantTeddy Smooth Caba Radio Rick valiant
Bonnie & Rick ValiantBuddy, Bill and FrankThe Drohan Wedding....www.lifemusiccanada.ca    My first Blogconcert listing  Hobokenrainbow sinatra Idol competitioninterviededby past Past sinatra idol winner Eric DelauroSinatra Idol 2010 Hoboken NJO
Things ChangeSolo Singer
The RoxyThe Roxy
Langley's Got TalentNew Years Eve
Edgewater Casino 2010 OlympicsTheartrefest 2010
New years EvevEdgewater Casino
2012 Olympics Edgewater Casinosinatra Olympic's Edgewater CasinoEdgewater Casino 2010 Olympics vancouver 2010 Olympic CroonersNorth Bays FinestFrank & Tina
rick valiantFrank & Elvis

Rick valiantFrank & back up singers.JD Bixbie & frank
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